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{September 10, 2009}   how to write test case?

how to write test case?

when i started writing test case,  i was confused. how can i write test case , oh! no its so tough  etc etc.  but after i started writing test case, within 1 hour i understood that its so easy.

so what is test case?

it is a test step ,  test step mean’s how can i test any function. like i have to test login function. so test case will be like

basically test case have 3 parts :

1) test steps

2) expected result

3) actual result

test steps :

1) test steps :  how can u test login function?

test steps will :

a) open

b) click login

c) input user nick (write nick)

d) input pass (write pass)

e)  click <submit> (<submit> it mean’s submit button)

note:  you have to write 10 or more test case against of login, its depends up to u  ( 1) input right nick right pass, 2) input right nick, wrong pass, 3) wrong nick, right pass, 4) wrong nick, wrong pass 5) blank nick with write pass 6) blank nick with wrong pass 7) right nick with blank pass 8) wrong nick with blank pass 9) blank nick and blank pass 10) nick and pass with special character 11) right nick with special character and write pass 12) right nick with special character and wrong pass  etc.

2) expected result : your expected result against the test steps.

expected result :

a) will open

b) after click login inputted filed will visualize, input filed are login and pass and a one submit button.

c) write valid user nick

d) write valid pass

e)  login success and redirected in mypage.

note:  u have write ur expected result against the test step, what will happen?  if i click on login button ? its ur expected result.

actual result :

actual result is a end of task .  at first u have to write test steps and expected result  before developer develop their tasks. and after develop complete their task , task will redirected to QA team to test, and test team have to test with matching test case and expected result.  and now what it ur present scenario ?   if u click on login button it should redirected on mypage but now u may see it redirected to setting page. this scenario is  actual result, but it’s test failed according to expected result.

if you found anything wrong or not matching with you, please write in comments so that we can discuss.

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{July 19, 2009}   welcome my new web home

hello every body, this is my new web home. here i want to shire  my interest and knowledge.  at this time all of my interest is around of my office and work, i enjoy my work. hasan bro all time told that “work for fun”. first my thinking was work for fun? its so funny!!, but now i realize that really “work for fun” is true. if i enjoy my work then it will be so much easier for me. so what abut ur’s thinking?

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